Can you purchase Recreational Marijuana in San Diego County?

Can you purchase Recreational Marijuana in San Diego County?

California has legalized the cultivation, distribution, sale and consumption of recreational marijuana. However, county and city or local government laws will still have a role to play in determining whether or not you can grab your ounce of cannabis at a licensed store nearby. Take San Diego for instance. Not all cities in the country have taken steadfast measures to make recreational marijuana available within the respective jurisdictions. Several cities are in the process of contemplating whether or not to endorse and enforce the state law. It should be noted that marijuana has not been legalized by the federal government of the United States.

A majority of voters in San Diego County, according to motorcycle accident attorneys in Santa Cruz, had voted in favor of the Proposition 64, thereby helping in the legalization of marijuana in 2016. Recreational marijuana is on sale, legally, from the 1st of January, 2018. Yet, most cities in San Diego County are in the process of either delaying or preventing the state law being enforced. For now, if you are in the city of San Diego, then you can find shops selling recreational marijuana. If you are beyond the city limits, in any of the other cities, towns or municipalities, then you may not be lucky.

  • Carlsbad is yet to enforce the law. There is a ballot proposal pending right now that will allow the council to either enforce the law or prohibit the sale of recreational marijuana. The vote will determine cultivation or manufacturing, distribution and retail sales.
  • Chula Vista is presently contemplating regulatory mechanisms to ensure there are no illegal shops selling recreational marijuana. The officials are concerned about the possible mushrooming of unlicensed shops with rampant sale of recreational marijuana and also the possibility of excessive cultivation, which is not permitted by the state law. Chula Vista will also have a ballot sometime in June to finalize the regulations. There is concern about the driving under the influence of mairjuana, according to DUI Attorneys in Chula Vista.
  • Encinitas has decided to uphold the present ban on sale of marijuana, its cultivation and distribution. While people may be able to buy recreational marijuana from neighboring municipalities, there wouldn’t be any shops within the jurisdiction of Encinitas City Council. There are proposals in consideration right now that may have regulated cultivation zones and selected areas where shops may opt for a license.
  • Imperial Beach has a one year moratorium on sale of nonmedical marijuana. The city officials will be taking this time to plan their next moves. Imperial Beach may follow a route similar to Encinitas, that of additional regulation and zoning.
  • La Mesa continues to uphold the ban on recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana is exempted. Many illegal shops have been shut down by the local law enforcement agencies. Lemon Grove has regulations in place already. Even medical marijuana being sold at dispensaries cannot be located within a thousand feet from schools and daycare centers among other sensitive addresses.
  • Oceanside has medical deliveries, according to Oceanside Personal Injury Attorneys. It has proposed another vote and will have additional regulation and zoning. There will be specific restrictions in place. Santee has banned recreational marijuana but one can hope for change. Vista will have dispensaries selling recreational marijuana but it may take a while. The city has not started granting permits.

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